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I won't forget the compassion and gentleness in my English teacher's eyes that day, my first day back in school.


I went back to the article "Breakfast with Tom" in the May 19 Sentinel as I was reading the second installment in the June 2 issue.
items of interest

items of interest

"At BookExpo America , held this year at the Los Angeles Convention Center [in early June], there was plenty of talk about the importance of spirituality in Americans' lives.

faith in the family

People from around the world tell about the spiritual bonds that are knitting their families together and leading them along, through the days and across the generations.

A golfer who prays

As this year's British Open golf tournament gets underway southeast of London, we look at what a difference it has made in the life of one former pro-golfer to remember that all things are possible to God.
When the author saw a pedestrian in trouble, and wanted to offer help, she found her prayer equal to the task.

The power of a psalm

I love the Psalms.
Antwone Fisher wrote the screenplay for the movie that bears his name and tells the story of how he learned to heal the effects of abuse, neglect, shame, and confusion.
Recently I had the opportunity to work with a team to plan the youth component of a two-day conference in Berlin, Germany.
Testimony of Healing

Basketball injury quickly healed

I was awed by Ethan's refusal to accept that a long period of recovery would be necessary.

Testimony of Healing
About two years ago I developed an eye infection, and my eye became swollen and very painful.
Or would you simply like to learn more about Christian Science?

It is a regard for the divine laws of Love—on and off the field—that provides a framework for harmonious coexistence.

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