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Spiritually renewed

There are several articles in this issue telling of lives changed and lives renewed.


Although I have tried to be an honest and respectful relative to a family member, she seems to have viewed my church as being so opposite to her brand of Christianity that she hasn't given me more than a minimum serving of tolerance, and has expressed neither an interest nor concern in the church to which I belong.
items of interest

items of interest


Where does change come from?

When things in life aren't going forward, it helps to recognize in prayer the fact that God is the universal Spirit and moving force of creation.

Addiction ended—moment by moment

The author's life of dependence on alcohol looked hopeless. But even in the depths of despair, he heard God's saving voice and followed it to freedom.
A concept of God as divine Love itself brought healing and transformation to a woman battling chronic illness and haunted by sad childhood memories.
If your progress in life seems stalled by a poor academic record, there's something you can do—change how you think about learning.

A Gospel storyteller on a digital stage

In the second in a two-part profile, Bible storyteller Tom Boomershine talks about his personal spiritual journey and offers insights on a changing cultural and religious landscape.
My journey with the Bible as story began when I took a job in a church-sponsored Bible activity center.
As a basic element of worship: Using a screen and video projection for

Prayers for peace

Selected responses to the Sentinel's request for prayers for the world.
When the author was told that he had a contagious disease and must be quarantined, he couldn't see any way out of missing final exams and losing an entire year of study—until he started to pray to God.

Striving to know God better

It took me a long time to really love the Bible.

Green prayer

Some silver linings turn out to be green.
Testimony of Healing

I prayed to be a living example of God's love for His creation.

Testimony of Healing
I had a healing during a service at the Annual Meeting & Conference of The First Church of Christ, Scientist—my Church's large meeting held in Boston last June.
Testimony of Healing
In 1996 I was part of a group of about 100 people who escaped together on foot when Congolese rebels attacked refugee centers in Goma, Congo, next to the Rwandan border.
Healing comes right along with spiritual growth when you're studying Christian Science.
We did ten plays that summer at the Tanglewood Barn Theater in North Carolina, from Ramshackle Inn to Anastasia.

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