An end to crippling phobias

For over ten years, I suffered from panic attacks and claustrophobia. I felt overpowered by the symptoms and unable to pray effectively about them. Instead I decided it was easier to adjust my life to accommodate the problem and keep myself out of situations that might generate fear.

For example, it was very difficult for me to drive a car or even to be a passenger in one, or to fly in an airplane, or to sit anywhere in an auditorium other than in an aisle seat in the very rear. I had great difficulty enduring meetings held in offices or conference rooms, which was a major handicap for a government bureaucrat, as I was at the time. And I found it virtually impossible to ride in an elevator. Whenever I was in any of these situations, my fear would compel me to try to escape in any way I could. I was afraid of being trapped.

Testimony of Healing
A foster child finds a family
July 8, 2002

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