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When the Sentinel team was planning this issue on the search for a secure world, we recalled some observations Admiral Stansfield Turner shared with us during a meeting we had with him last year.


Thanks for the beautiful poem, "City street crossing," by Suzanne Liebenrood in the May 27 Sentinel.
items of interest

items of interest

"We forgive in part because we need forgiveness.

Fear defused

How one Londoner began to combat terrorism in the world by looking within herself.

BOMB threat?

What does "exceptional customer service" have to do with safety and security? More than you might think.

In a safe place—no matter what

To be spiritually attuned is to be alert and to have strength. It's a state of preparedness that makes a person very helpful in emergency situations.

Federal agent on the job—with PRAYER

Chris Robles has been in federal law enforcement for 20 years. And during that time, he has found prayer playing an increasingly important role on the job.

What will it take to break the impasse?

The issue in South Asia isn't about land, or religion, or even history. It's about bringing down barriers between people.
One way people know that they are making spiritual progress is in their willingness to welcome new people into their lives—to reconnect with those they've lost contact with, to find ways to renew and refresh relationships that may have become jaded.

The loyalty of friends

I was sitting on my sister's couch in Orlando, taking stock of everything I still had.

The Sum of All Fears

Excerpts from what we were publishing a century back.

Adoption and prayer

Under the black-and-white sketch of a smiling young girl was the caption, "I'm Looking for a Home.

----100 years ago

Gathering News Stories with a spiritual perspective week by week, we wondered what kinds of material the Sentinel of 100 years ago carried.

Walking through the fear

About 25 years ago, I was coming home from a long workday, late at night.
Testimony of Healing

'At this point I knew I had to rethink the fear problem—I couldn't live the rest of my life the way I was going.'

Testimony of Healing

A foster child finds a family

When I was two, my homeless birth mother abandoned me.
Testimony of Healing

Injured foot healed

One Saturday more than ten years ago, while I was playing with my daughter, I hit my right foot against the iron stand of an old sewing machine.
Reports of vulnerability are stacking up with every news cycle.

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