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Mentoring—with love

WHAT KID WOULDN'T BENEFIT from positive rolemodels to help balance his or her life?


As a new reader of the Sentinel, I have been most grateful for your inclusion of stories about many diverse people and situations.
items of interest
Amartya Sen, master of Trinity College, Cambridge, is honorary president of Oxfam.

CHURCH—a city set on a hill

When neighborhood kids arrived at the doorstep of their church, the members put their own needs to the side, invited them in, and offered what they had.
Here's how one teenager began finding prayer to be a practical help to him in everyday life.
John Edem Koko Ablordey may not be using his eyes—but the way he's helping abandoned children in Ghana value themselves proves he has the sight that matters most.

Player to mentor to social entrepreneur

Ned Eames and the organization he founded help city kids develop a better tennis game—and much more.

Adopting a brother

I'VE ALWAYS ENJOYED WORKING WITH CHILDREN , playing with children, being with children.
I was returning from a short vacation to Texas.
Read this if you're planning on a summer vacation escape, or even if you aren't.

Patient's choice

Following a car accident in which she sustained serious injuries, Cynthia Tyler had a decision to make as to what her treatment would be. She chose prayer.

----100 years ago

Excerpts from what we were publishing a century back.

Anyone for tennis?

"Wimbledon is Wimbledon.
Testimony of Healing

'God is mightier than any other force we can encounter, and we are all safe.'

Testimony of Healing

A healing of fever and stomach pains

One day, when I got home from work, I was told my oldest son, Eugênio, was very ill.
Testimony of Healing

Healing, wherever you are

For years, I had always been impressed when others told how during challenging moments they felt the love of God, which resulted in healing.
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From the founder of the Sentinel

It is a spiritual idea that lights your path!

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