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Someone to listen



As a WW II sailor I was both delighted and amused that you printed "A war historian's spiritual persepective" in the December 17 issue.
Items of interest

Items of interest

"MY COLLEAGUES [psychologists] and I are finding that gratitude, which we define as a felt sense of wonder, thankfulness, and appreciation for life, is more than simply a pleasant emotion to experience or a polite sentiment to express.

Listening, with arms WIDE open

Teacher Rachel Jupin listened—as she always does. Student Amylee Bowman ventured to trust—for the first time in her life. And New Bedford High School was protected from harm. This is the story of the faith and prayer behind a tragedy that wasn't.
It was once a city of tattooed men in oilskin coats.
MY SON , Douglas, knows he can come to talk to me.

A response to the Yates trial

Here are some answers to the author's prayer for insight on how to deal with one of America's most disturbing issues.

Overview of the Games

Olympic contestants are always called on to exhibit their very best in strength and courage. As history shows, that has often held true for organizers as well.
Only a handful of athletes have represented their countries in both Winter and Summer Olympics.
The Olympic ideal seeks to cultivate international understanding and generate peace among nations—to break through physical and mental barriers and perform in the words of the Olympic motto, "swifter, higher, and stronger.
Prayer during the Olympics is not a new concept. It's been around for about 2,778 years.

Love is a powerful antidote to any situation where hate is the motivating factor.


Student writes 'torch' song

Karin Hendrickson began composing a song about the Olympics in 1994, inspired by Lillehammer. Eight years later, the song is lighting the way to Salt Lake City.


Are you a torchbearerbringing the lightto human consciousness?

Prayer for Argentina

In the wake of a country's economic collapse, what can we do? How can we pray?

Never running on empty

Even when you're in debt and in doubt, there's a way to shift your thoughts into a higher, happier gear. And in the process, you'll become a giver instead of a taker.
Testimony of Healing

Expect to be healed

I realized that my ankle had stopped hurting.

Testimony of Healing

Severe burn quickly healed

There was no sign of a burn on either hand, and no scars.

Testimony of Healing

Growing, spiritually

As I prayed, the growth began to get smaller.


Spiritual receptivity improves with practice, alerting us to places of safety prepared by the Almighty.

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