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A good friend of mine never failed to get the most out of the Thanksgiving dinners we shared.


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items of interest

items of interest

"Learning to give thanks is a spiritual practice that enables us to hold an empty glass and know full well just how empty it is, yet still marvel at how the solitary drop of water at the very bottom of the plays with the light.

What's coming to light about Thanksgiving

There's a shared tradition of gratitude among cultures. And a new exhibit at Plimoth Plantation in New England helps that it's on this common ground that we can uncover past wrongs and promote a greater goodwill.

Vermont's Northeast Kingdom

In the face of hard economic times, a region of the country known for harsh weather and poor soil—as well as for natural beauty and fabled Yankee ingenuity — looks deep within its faith to find a means of doing more than just "getting by."

thanksgiving blessings

In response to the Sentinel's request for submissions on this special season of gratitude, readers shared many stories and reminiscences of thankfulness and healing. The six pages in this section draw from the abundance of what we received.
My to-do list outran the page but then I penned what God has done and it became a volume.

prayer & healing—a way of life

A woman who grew up in a Christian Scientist family, where it was expected that prayer could would bring freedom from physical troubles and illness, explains how her faith developed and has blossomed.

In her true light . . .

Following the opening of The Mary Baker Eddy Library for the Betterment of Humanity on September 29, the Sentinel continues printing excerpts from the collection of newly published writings.

Is DNA cause or effect?

I was driving to my office, listening to Morning Edition on NPR.
Testimony of Healing

I had a wonderful feeling of the presence of the Christa a warm sense of peace, joy, and of God's love.

Testimony of Healing
Some years ago when I was living in Nashua, New Hampshire, I noticed that the trash collectors were collecting the trash cans and then just throwing the cans down on the streets before they drove off.
Healing comes right along with spiritual growth when you're studying Christian Science.

Traditions of gratitude are universal and have come to be for good reason. Over the centuries people have seen that it is well worth the effort to count one's blessings, even when they seem few and far between.

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