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"History" makes it sound ancient and remote.


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items of interest

items of interest

"Few Medical Professionals argue anymore about the importance of emotions in helping to treat illness.

Conversations about NAVAJO CODE TALKERS

At the heart of the Navajo belief system is "the Blessingway"—living in balance with yourself and everything around you. It's an inspiring approach that means all the more when seen in the light of the Code Talkers, who in World War II helped the Allied forces prevail in the Pacific.
For the author of The Unbreakable Code, chronicling the quiet strength and modesty of the Navajo Code Talkers has been a privilege—and a gift.
What happens when an architect who is also an artist takes time off to illustrate a friend's book about of another culture? She makes new friends and enriches her own spiritual journey.
A teacher in Australia designs a special event at his school to promote goodwill and understanding between his students and the indigenous Aboriginal people. The resulting corroboree achieves a cultural unity he has never before seen there.


This time the road home to Texasthunders through clouds, and ends as a runway borderedby fields of wild Mexican primroses and Indian paintbrushThe sky has the starring role in every Texas tale.

Going home by 'the rabbit-proof fence'

Three young girls torn from the arms of their mothers.

How one person PRAYS about the West Nile virus

Looking to God for help brought the author out of extreme fear, and into extraordinary feelings of assurance.
Do you have an inspiring and true Thanksgiving or Christmas story?

From barriers to bridges

The Iran-Iraq War began in 1980, lasted eight years, and cost hundreds of thousands of lives.
Testimony of Healing

I could see good things in each of the people who had treated me unfairly. Gradually I had to admit this was evidence of God.

Testimony of Healing

Beyond racism

I was born and raised in Louisiana during the time of segregation in the American South, before the Civil Rights Act of 1964.
Why would somebody pray about what they eat?

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