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As This Week's Sentinel goes to press, signs of encouragement and new hope are surfacing in India—even as a massive recovery from the 7.


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items of interest

items of interest

Last fall , the John Templeton Foundation brought 13 scholars to Dallas, Texas, home of the Center for World Thanksgiving [ www.
Susan Moller has looked at the question of sexual harassment from different angles. She talked with us about the answers that have come to her as a corporate director of human resources—and as a victim.

Get prayer-tough

In a company where women and men alike were being harassed sexually, the author found a way out that nobody could block.

Hope coming home

Don't forget the things you learned on the playground in elementary school . . . they might come in handy before the day is out!


Can a foot injury heal in time for tomorrow's big competition?

How I stopped smoking

A spiritual awakening—sparked by a dream, in this case—brought freedom she'd never dreamed possible.
Testimony of Healing

The restriction was removed

When I got to the license renewal center, I was given a vision test.

Testimony of Healing

The boy's mother had him show me his hand.

Testimony of Healing

Prayer to have a family

In my prayer, I had been preparing for the arrival of a child for a long time.

Testimony of Healing

God made us perfect

The next morning, the pain in my hand was gone and I felt happy.

Testimony of Healing

Healed without surgery

Very soon, Erik regained the use of his leg and was able to do everything he ordinarily could do.


Getting to know you

A song from the musical The King and I gets at the healing power found in a growing love for others.


Green leaves for everyone

As we learn to recognize God's guidance, we will come to see more of the "fresh universe" awaiting us, moment by moment.

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