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The apartment I lived in a few years ago over looked the home stretch of the Boston Marathon.


Thank you for sharing "thehungersite.
items of interest

items of interest

Following World War II, on December 14, 1950, the United Nations created a High Commission for Refugees to help resettle about a million people who had been displaced by war.

The quest to be a survivor

The words of POWs from the First World War set the stage for a discussion of what it really takes to overcome adversity.
When it comes to those films with "questionable" scenes, here's a way to keep from throwing out the movie with the bathwater.

'Odyssey in prime time'

An interview with Robert Shayon, a TV producer and media critic with 60 years in the business. He talks about what got him through his toughest times in one of the toughest industries.

Wow, did that comment make my hair stand on end.


Prayer isn't hard work

Most people would say it's more fun to go on a vacation than it is to come home from one. But for the author, it was the other way around.


Now is the earth most still.
Testimony of Healing

Handyman prays often

I began sliding toward the edge of the roof!

Testimony of Healing

Corns gone overnight

I was overjoyed when I looked at my toes—they were entirely smooth.

Testimony of Healing

A baby at last

Within a year I began feeling wonderful peace and happiness.

Testimony of Healing

Prayer in an accident

For me, there was only one option. I needed to pray.

Testimony of Healing

A lifetime of healing

Several months ago, I had a beautiful healing of a terrible pain in my side.

Testimony of Healing

Child quickly healed

I fervently tried in prayer to see my daughter only as God's child and reflection.


City of "firsts"

The new Mary Baker Eddy bronze relief created by sculptor Reno Pisano, a Lynn native.
The Christian Science Sentinel was established by Mary Baker Eddy ".

Are you teachable?

I asked God: "What's missing?"

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