The day I sold my gun

"Joy and laughter overwhelmed me."

Some Years Ago , whenever I would hear news reports of wrongs done to others, I would become incensed. I felt that I might go mad if I were unable to avenge myself in the event that I or any of my family or our property were subjected to violation by criminals. I wasn't going to let any of them get to me. And so I carried a gun in my handbag.

I decided to arm myself, not only for my own defense but for that of others—family, employees, neighbors, friends—anyone I felt needed protecting. I can't say that I went around looking for someone to shoot or that I was constantly thinking about all of this. But I was concerned enough about what I thought was happening around me that I bought a .45mm semi-automatic Colt Combat Commander for protection. I acted from the standpoint of what I believed were my rights and choices.

The changing world of work
August 14, 2000

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