You are not Eve's descendant

God has not condemned you to suffer.

I have heard the story about Adam and Eve in jokes, in sayings, in movies, in magazines, even in the relationship between a husband and wife. Yet the story of Adam and Eve has had such an impact on women and men, that it is no joke. It speaks of disobedience and condemnation, of materiality and hate, of suffering and death. In no place do you read about love, about getting along, about the spiritual qualities that make relationships loving, strong, and enduring. Such qualities, it seems to me, are naturally expressed when one thinks of each of us, whether man or woman, as the creation of God, divine Spirit, as the opening chapter of the Bible describes.

A few years ago I had the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of what that chapter has to say. I had a serious physical problem, which compelled me to stay in bed with a lot of pain for a week. The ailment had something to do with my mentstrual period and digestive system, and the symptoms would reoccur every two or three weeks. This continued for five or six months.

March 13, 2000

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