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"Dreaming of something for nothing?
items of interest

items of interest

" 'God said, "Let there be light:" and there was light.

What might have been

Ever get to reviewing missed opportunities? To thinking about all you could have accomplished if only you'd worked harder, found more courage, or had more advantages? Here's a much more promising way to re-view your life, a way that lets you see and realize your potential.

Are the two of you a good fit?

When a relationship isn't quite working, though the signs indicate that it should, one's tendency is often to hold on tight. But the answer may be to let go.
From an address given by Virginia S. Harris, C.S.B. Read here the talk on Christian Science given last December at the "Spirituality and Healing in Medicine" conference in Boston. The conference will be repeated this coming weekend (March 19-21) in Denver, Colorado.

You are not Eve's descendant

Discover why a clearer understanding of the Biblical account of Adam and Eve leads to healing.
I volunteer my time.

God's line is never busy

When a violent attack, a car accident, and corrupt officers threatened this traveler's peace of mind, her instant access to God resulted in harmony.
For Nancy Prince, an African American woman in the nineteenth century, God was the key to freedom.

... and this woman's beat goes on

Principal violinist Marylou Churchill shares some of her victories over sexism in the symphony.

Study hall: a place to PRAY

From then on she really made an effort to see these boys as God made them.

Testimony of Healing

All vestiges of the problem soon dissolved.

Testimony of Healing

I was released by the police the next day.

Testimony of Healing

Child turns to God and is healed

I know to pray to God in the first instant.

Testimony of Healing

A lifetime of healing

Since finding Christian Science, I have experienced many healings.

Testimony of Healing

Mental surgery

There has been no return of the stomach pain.

Testimonies of healing are always welcome.

How well do you know your neighbor?

I accepted a new spiritual assignment for my town: to pray for its safety and well-being.


My neighbour

My next-door neighbourIs a lighthouse.

Progress for women—without anger

Healing, holy love. There's nothing dull about it.

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