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"Man is properly self-governed only when he is guided rightly and governed by his Maker, divine Truth and Love".


You can hardly imagine how inspiring the Sentinel has been to me in the course of about seven years.
items of interest

items of interest

The American Booksellers Association reports that the market for self-help books has been growing every year since 1991.

Your role in improving government

When anger erupted at a town meeting, this author prayed for—and found—a solution. With this experience in mind, she shares some thoughts on evaluating candidates and policies, and improving government.


"What is my spiritual purpose here?"


What is good enough?

With God as the Teacher, you can count on being an A+ student.

You were there all along

When stress at work led to a serious drinking problem, this author needed to find an answer. Help came from turning to God.

Beans, beets, and preservation

Even during difficult "winter times" in life, God keeps us whole, well, intact.

Simple lessons

Putting God first may get you through that long to-do list faster than you thought.

Trust God—as a little child

If you'd like to be more childlike in your approach to God, this little girl's example can help.

Everyone can be a knight in shining armor

Don't forget to put your armor on when you get dressed tomorrow morning.
Testimony of Healing

I'll never forget the immediacy of the healing Christ.

Testimony of Healing

Injured arm healed spiritually

My arm was just fine. To prove it, I gave her a push-ups demonstration.

Testimony of Healing

Warts eliminated through prayer

The warts began to diminish, and completely disappeared in a short time.

Testimony of Healing

The pain instantly drained away.

Testimony of Healing

Prayer heals injured shoulder

I grew spiritually in many ways.


Finding home at work

We are always at home with God, regardless of our location.

An expanded special issue

Anyone can pray

The sincere heart reaches the undivided Principle that governs all of us.

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