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To Our Readers

ONLY THREE WORDS, yet it's one of the largest questions anyone can ask: What is God?


Thank you for having the courage to print the article, "Our daughter's safe passage through the aftermath of kidnap and rape".
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PATIENTS' DESIRES TO have their spiritual concerns taken seriously are leading doctors to recommend that they consult clergy in addition to having medical treatment.

What is God?

It's a big question. So big a question, in fact, that it holds the answers to life's other queries, dilemmas, and quandaries. The insights our readers share in response to this question portray God in fresh, healing ways. CONTRIBUTORS: KAY RAMSDELL OLSON, HONOR RAMSAY HILL, ELAINE R. FOLLIS, CURTIS C. SNIDER, MARILYN J. SMITH, BEVERLY MILLS, VERTA B. DRIVER, FENELLA BENNETTS

The right kind of sympathy

Feeling deeply for another needn't involve a sense of burden. Rather, feeling rightly can uplift you both.

Judgmental? Me?

Most of us would probably have to admit to having both judged and misjudged others at times. Here's a better approach.
One evening it was necessary for me to visit our local shopping center just at closing time.

Grief vanished

The comfort this author found while admiring the night sky shows how, as he puts it, "profoundly satisfying" the answers to prayer can be.

Safe in the midst of danger

Averting a crash landing during World War II not only preserved the lives of all those on board but inspired the pilot's lifelong love for God.
Natural science: where to now?


Would you like to be able to get through an audition or public performance happily and peacefully, regardless of how viewers judge your success? If so, there's help here.


Does God favor some of us more than others?
Testimony of Healing

Another X-ray showed the bones knitted together perfectly.

Testimony of Healing

When I returned to the dentist for a routine visit, there was no evidence at all of the difficulty.

Testimony of Healing

Soon I was back to my duties, and in a short while I was totally healed.

Testimony of Healing

Abscessed tooth healed

I now

broadened my efforts and began to watch what I was thinking and saying fairly constantly.


Never lost at sea

A map doesn't necessarily keep one from encountering obstacles, but it shows the route to the destination.

On November 6, 1998, The Herald of Christian Science Spanish radio program won a second-place medal at the "Fiesta de los Medios," in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

"Follow me" was an open invitation to the sincere and humble.

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