Flu quickly healed

One weekend not too long ago, I went on a business trip to a national convention for our company. This event was going to be very demanding on my time from Thursday morning through Sunday afternoon. I was in a public position, and would be meeting with hundreds of people, one on one. It was a position where I needed to express a lot of enthusiasm. As always on these trips, I prayed to know that a child of God can never be fatigued by expressing Godlike qualities.

On this particular trip, symptoms of flu seemed to be passing from one person to another during the event. Friday afternoon, very suddenly, I came down with symptoms that caused me to spend time away from some very important meetings. But this was not my belief about the child of God, and I realized that the symptoms could disappear as quickly as they seemed to have appeared.

Testimony of Healing
Injured shoulder healed, learning ability improved
May 3, 1999

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