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Families tend to defy gravity.


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item of interest

items of interest

A new phenomenon is appearing in focus groups composed of youngsters: a desire for more time with their parents.

Preserve the family

It's the time of year for family gatherings at weddings, graduations, vacations. This author's perspective on generations of healing and renewal in her own family highlights the progress and spiritual growth we can all expect from our interactions with relatives—and with friends and neighbors, too.

The key that unlocks and locks

One can imagine a book that unlocks the Bible's spiritual meaning by elaborating its truths. But how does a book secure the Bible's message in our hearts—and in the process bring healing?
Holding to what's true about God's child brought this young woman and her mother through a fiery trial intact.
The director of the Interfaith Health Program talks about the church's role in promoting health in the community.
Natural and good medicine
If you can sing in the shower, then you can pray—anytime, anywhere.
A Christian Science Sunday School class in Tacoma, Washington, was asked to write a description of prayer.
Testimony of Healing

Depression and dental problems eliminated through prayer

When my son was in high school, the dentist commented on his beautifully aligned teeth ... all without a cavity.

Testimony of Healing

Flu quickly healed

With this firm stand for Truth in my thought, I improved immediately.

Testimony of Healing

I was quickly healed and back outside playing.

Testimony of Healing
I had smoked for twenty years when I finally stopped.

You don't have to be lonely

A heart filled with kindness and love has no time or space for loneliness.

The First Church of Christ, Scientist, in Boston, is accepting contributions to assist with the Balkan refugee relief effort.

A world of selfishness?

Expressing God's love is its own reward.

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