All one in Christ

Several years ago, I began to do business in a country that was largely non-Christian. Although my associates in that country spoke my language, it was soon clear that their morals, ethics, business practices, and general view of life were very different from what I was accustomed to. In fact, shortly after I began doing business in that country I was told by clients of one of my associates that I had to be very careful because unethical behavior in business was a national characteristic.

One day, while browsing in a bookstore in that country, I found a book written by a person who had done business there for twenty-five years. The first paragraph said flatly that the indigenous people had no ethics or morals because they were not Christians. Their "morals" were confined to honoring their parents, teachers, employers, and peer group. Anyone not included in one of these categories was "fair game," to be treated in any way necessary to help them reach their goals.

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October 3, 1994

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