Maybe you've asked yourself, "Should I try to write for the Sentinel?"

Think about what it was like the first time you learned about the Science of Christian healing and realized that something deeply regenerative was within reach in your life. That first experience might have come as a friend told you about a healing he or she had experienced through Christian Science. It might have happened when a family member invited you to a Christian Science lecture or to a church service. Many have been introduced to Christian healing through the Sentinel itself. However the introduction came, there was spiritual awakening taking place, an awakening to the presence of a good God and to the idea of man as His spiritual child.

Conveying the significance of such a spiritual discovery isn't always easy as we try to find the right words to describe what has brought hope, healing, and regeneration into our lives. But the light of Christ, which reveals man's unbreakable unity with God, does shine, and we intuitively realize that God does not need to remain unknown—that knowing Him does bring transformation to our lives. In the Preface to Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, Mary Baker Eddy makes several important points that apply directly to those who would like to write about their spiritual discoveries and healings for the Christian Science periodicals.

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February 24, 1992

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