Whatever the circumstances ...

When we truly feel the power and presence of God, every event, regardless of circumstances, brings more of His goodness into view.

If it is true that God is both infinite and good, then logically we should be able to conclude that no room is left for evil. But this is more than just a nice-sounding thought. The fact is, people have been proving it to be true—in small and big ways throughout human experience.

One such person was John, the much-loved disciple of Jesus. The early Christian writer Tertullian records the tradition that the Apostle John was put into a caldron of boiling oil by order of the Roman emperor in an effort to halt the spread of Christianity. Amazing though it may seem, he escaped from this ordeal unharmed. Later the Roman authorities banished him to the Isle of Patmos, where he was apparently consigned to hard labor. But Patmos was evidently not merely a place of persecution for John, for it was there that he received the messages to the seven churches and the visions which he later recorded in the inspiring book of Revelation. So out of a situation that seemed fraught with evil there came great, lasting good.

What communicates?
April 22, 1991

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