Go ahead and lean... the right way

It is not possible to depend too much on God's care.

The entire elementary school, together with proud parents, packed the room, waiting for the annual music program to begin. Finally the first-graders moved up to the stage and climbed the risers to take their places. Each little face was filled with delight, awe, and expectancy. Each face, that is, except for one. There was no way one little girl was going up on that huge stage in front of all those people all on her own.

Quickly a mother-helper was found to accompany her up to her spot. The helper gently but firmly encouraged her to stay in her place alone. But the more the little girl was pushed, the more she leaned into her helper. Finally the helper sat down quietly next to the little girl and just let her lean. And that was the way she performed the entire program: in her own spot, on her own two feet, but leaning about forty-five degrees into the helper! In that position she never missed a beat, a clap, or a word of her songs. She finished the part and walked off the stage alone.

December 30, 1991

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