When our middle daughter was about four years old, we noticed...

When our middle daughter was about four years old, we noticed that she did not seem to be listening to what we said. She would continue on her way ignoring our comments to her. We began to wonder if we were dealing with a discipline problem or a hearing problem.

At the time, I was still quite new to the study of Christian Science. In fact, I had barely progressed beyond the stage of giving my husband (who was a student of Science) a brief period to "make" the children well before I would take them to a doctor. As a result of prayer, however, the children were soon much better, and they actually had far fewer illnesses than other children their ages.

When our daughter continued to ignore what we were saying, I made an appointment with an ear specialist. He examined her carefully and stated that she was experiencing a profound hearing loss and would need to have surgery on both ears. He added that her ears were so bad she would have to take medication for at least a month. At the end of that time, he told us, he would examine her again to see if her ears were improved enough to do the surgery.

Testimony of Healing
I have always loved Christian Science
April 17, 1989

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