God's gift: uninterrupted good that heals

Prayer opens our eyes to the good God is giving us, and this will heal us.

Is it practical to depend on prayer for healing? Although many people feel that prayer regenerates, they may feel that they can't go so far as to expect prayer to heal sickness. But others, who have had their concept of prayer expanded through their study and practice of Christian Science, have proved that the prayer that regenerates also heals. The actual healings they have had are convincing proofs. In addition, testimonies of healing given at Wednesday testimony meetings in Churches of Christ, Scientist, and those published in the back of this and other Christian Science magazines are continuing witnesses of the power of prayer to heal.

So there is much evidence to show that turning to God, Spirit, is an effective way to heal sickness. Actually a spiritual understanding of God and of man's relationship to Him improves every aspect of the human situation. It also helps us to see that physical conditions don't determine health—as radical as that may sound.

Great need, sure response
November 6, 1989

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