What does it take to heal prejudice?

Sometimes it seems that the very differences that enrich our world also provide the tinder for the fires of racial, religious, economic, and political prejudice. If these fires were quenched in each individual heart, one wonders if there would be anything left on which strife could feed, anything to undermine efforts toward world peace. But what does the healing of prejudice demand? That's what the Sentinel asked some Christian Scientists who've had experience dealing with prejudice. These six people were just a few of the twenty-five hundred college and university students and faculty attending a meeting held in Boston last summer by The First Church of Christ, Scientist, in Boston, Massachusetts. The topic of the meeting was "Individual spirituality and the future of mankind." Three of the individuals are faculty members and three are students. What follow are some highlights of their discussion.

Mojisola Anjorin (Nigeria): I have dealt with all kinds of prejudice, especially racial, by living with the passage in the Bible that says, "Have we not all one father? hath not one God created us?" Mal. 2:10. I think about this and then really see a person as not from a different race, a different place, or a different creed, but as the spiritual idea of God.

The world, and what really helps
May 5, 1986

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