What a privilege it is to be a Christian Scientist! I first learned...

What a privilege it is to be a Christian Scientist! I first learned of Christian Science at the age of nine, although I did not embrace this teaching at that time. A next-door neighbor had been bedridden for several years, and according to medical diagnosis her condition was hopeless. One day a friend came to visit the patient but was told by her sister that the woman was in a coma. The doctor had informed the family that she could not survive the day. As this friend, who was a Christian Scientist, turned to leave, the sister told her that she could come in and say a prayer if she wanted to do so. And she did. That was the beginning of my neighbor's complete recovery through Christian Science. In two weeks' time she was out walking in front of her house.

Many years later, after I was married, our youngest son was having quite a time with severe asthmatic attacks. We took him to a specialist; and days were spent having tests made. As a result, a special serum had to be administered to our son in the form of shots, sometimes as often as twice a day. Still, this brought him only temporary relief.

But God really works in mysterious ways. At that time the young man to whom our daughter was engaged mentioned that he lived in the home of a Christian Scientist. This immediately brought to mind the incident of my neighbor when I was a child. I asked my future son-in-law to make inquiries, which he did. And his landlady lovingly sent me some Christian Science literature. Soon I was invited to a Christian Science lecture. I have to admit that I did not understand what I heard at the lecture. But apparently I was impressed by something, because the following Sunday we went to the local branch Church of Christ, Scientist, and our little son was enrolled in the Sunday School.

September 5, 1983

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