You can deal with aging

How old are you? Let us face this question dauntlessly. The answer is not the number of years since we were born.

Aging is a mental phenomenon. It is not essentially a physical process nor the result of the passing of time. Christian Science explains that every thought or belief held in mind, consciously or unconsciously, is externalized on the body, just as a picture is projected on a screen. Speaking of the mental origin of disease, Mrs. Eddy writes: "But the fact remains, in metaphysics, that the mind of the individual only can produce a result upon his body. The belief that produces this result may be wholly unknown to the individual, because it is lying back in the unconscious thought, a latent cause producing the effect we see." Christian Healing, p. 6. How vital to our happiness and well-being that we be cognizant of what is in consciousness, allowing to remain only that which we wish to see externalized! No error is so deeply rooted that it cannot be destroyed by Truth.

Love's embrace
June 28, 1982

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