In 1975 I became ill with a bronchial disorder

In 1975 I became ill with a bronchial disorder. I called a Christian Science practitioner, and she helped me realize something of my perfection as the image and likeness of God. Within just a few days I was able to breathe normally and to perform routine household duties. But several weeks later, another attack occurred. The practitioner was contacted again and we prayed. A matter of days later I was fine. The attacks continued, however, becoming more frequent, more intense, and lasting for longer periods.

One attack occurred that seemed very severe. The only thing I could think of was the word "God." The practitioner paid several visits to our home at this time and stayed in constant touch with me by telephone. Since it was nearly impossible for me to talk, she often poured out loving, healing messages of truth—explaining the relationship of God and His idea, man. She also brought to my attention two articles from the Christian Science periodicals that were very helpful. These articles helped me realize the need to understand that I was not caught in a battle between Spirit and matter, because God, good, is omnipotent. This fact was difficult to grasp at first, for I had been in a mighty mental struggle with the temptation to just give up and die (the erroneous suggestion that we can more easily solve today's problems in the "hereafter"). I persisted, however, in staying on the only side there is—the side of Truth, God—and declared that I would stick with God no matter what seemed to be going on physically.

Testimony of Healing
For over seventy years Christian Science has benefited my life
April 12, 1982

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