About a week after our son was born, our next-door...

About a week after our son was born, our next-door neighbor, who is a medical doctor, stopped in. I'd just bathed the child, and as I was drying him, our neighbor commented that there appeared to be a muscular weakness in the child's groin area. He indicated that such a condition could eventually curtail a youngster's physical activity, prevent his participation in sports, and without an operation, might even prove fatal.

Hearing this prognosis shocked me. So after our neighbor left, I prayed, affirming that man is the image and likeness of God and that God's creation is complete and perfect. For several weeks I told only my husband about what the doctor had said. But I did pray. And I continued to pray for many months. During this time, though I often had to handle fear, the child seemed normal and happy in every way.

November 8, 1982

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