God's child can't hurt or want to hurt another one of His children

Error tells on itself

I used to walk to school. Then my family moved, and I started taking the bus to the same school. Six boys (some were younger and some were older) and one older girl wait at the bus stop with me. At first everything was fine. Then everybody started picking on me. They would say unkind things to me and kick me, hit me, and throw snowballs at me. One day they even got into a huddle to plan what they would do to me.

I didn't hit back, because I knew that would be breaking Christ Jesus' Golden Rule to do unto others as I would have them do unto me. (See Luke 6:31.) I didn't tell on them at school, because the younger children went to another school, and I was afraid to tell on the older children. I thought they might get angry with me and hit me more.

Testimony of Healing
In mid-1970, I was on a ship off the California...
February 4, 1980

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