No distribution for the destructive

The demand for illicit drugs is huge, we are told. In the United States alone, the use of heroin exceeds nine metric tons a year, according to authorities. More than 80 percent of this particular drug is smuggled into the country.

Christian Science is spiritual, scientific law, which when understood can be applied effectively in human situations. The divine fact is that nothing destructive can be distributed, and when this is understood it has a bearing on the solution of human problems. It gives us a potent approach to neutralizing the drug smuggling that is doing harm in many countries.

Keeping our own spiritual eyes open can contribute uniquely to negating this deleterious traffic. The demand on us is for sharper spiritual perception. And consistency in using that perception. We can recognize that man, in reality, is Spirit's idea and lives in the land—in the all-inclusive presence—of Spirit. No destructive substances, no health-impairing, mind-muddling drugs could ever be shipped into God's presence. Drugs—or the injurious beliefs that underly them—have no origin, port of entry, no destination, in the realm of Spirit, no existence in the infinite being of divine Mind. Spirit is the center of being and its circumference. Its realm can't be penetrated by evil.

The Christ and the addict
June 26, 1978

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