She kept on praying

It was a sunny afternoon, and Christine decided to go out to play. It was warm enough now to play in the sunshine without a sweater. In a few more days summer would be here, and she could go barefoot once again. She was especially looking forward to going barefoot this summer because she had a hard, sore bump on her little toe that hurt when she wore shoes. Right now her toe started hurting again, making her limp.

As Christine went down the hall, her mother stopped her and asked, "Why are you limping?" Tears filled Christine's eyes as she began to tell about her toe. Mother put her arm around her, and they began to talk about some of the things Christine was learning in the Christian Science Sunday School. They talked about God and how God had made everything spiritual and good. One of Christine's favorite Bible verses was, "And God saw every thing that he had made, and, behold, it was very good." Gen. 1:31; She had been learning that she was God's child, and because she was God's child she could know only good.

In gratitude for God's mercy
June 5, 1978

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