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I became acquainted with Christian Science at a time when I...

I became acquainted with Christian Science at a time when I was very much in despair. The doctor treating me at the time told me, "With your heart you can no longer do any bicycling, swimming, or sports of any kind." I was even supposed to give up my profession. In reply, I asked him if he could tell me even one thing I was still allowed to do.

I moved to another city. In spite of the doctor's order I again accepted work in my profession. I pampered myself, often looked in the mirror to see whether I was pale, and took medicines.

My employer's eight-year-old daughter often observed me. One day she asked why I was doing all this. I replied that she wouldn't understand. After all, she was still a child. Once she told me I might just as well throw the medicines in the trash, since they couldn't help me. A short time later the child's mother began to take notice of our conversations and asked whether I had heard anything of Christian Science. I had to answer, "No." But I was interested. On the following Wednesday I went with the mother and girl to a testimony meeting in a branch church, where I became acquainted with a Christian Science practitioner.

December 11, 1978

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