When healing isn't instantaneous

Persistence and the Prize

Someone once dreamed he had a problem. He tried to ignore the difficulty, but it did not leave the dream. He thought about the situation a great deal, but it remained unchanged in the dream. Then, even in his dream, he began to learn that God is good and therefore problems can't really exist. He increasingly rejoiced in this truth. At some point his problem entirely disappeared from his dream, and all was well.

This fable may help explain how Christian Science heals. For one thing, Christian Scientists are learning that God is good. All He creates is perfect. Understanding this makes it increasingly natural to view the physical universe with its limits and imperfections as being as deceptive as a dream. And unless an individual is content with these limits and imperfections, his goal must be to find out what's really going on—and eventually to wake up from the dream.

No Words
March 19, 1977

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