God, the one real Parent of man

Departing from Biological Concepts

To believe in creation as a biological process is to accept mortality as the conditioner of existence and man's life as subordinate to material limitation. The surrender of this theory to the truth of man's immortal being is vital. It is highly important in parent-child relationships, because the theory of human genetics as a dominant factor and determiner of individual development suggests subordination of the individual to variable physical and moral conditions.

Christian Science affirms that God, Spirit, is the only creator, the sole source of life, the perfect condition of all being; that He is the one real Parent of man, as Christ Jesus declared: "Call no man your father upon the earth: for one is your Father, which is in heaven." Matt. 23:9; Prayerful, understanding insistence on this basic truth brings increasing freedom from the false concept of existence, namely, that men are creators of life and that matter is the medium through which their identities find expression.

Overcoming Destructive Criticism
February 14, 1976

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