Adjusting Memory's Mechanism

There are many things mortals need to remember and others they prefer to forget. If memory's mechanism seems maladjusted and a human being cannot recall what he should remember, or if he is plagued with the recurrence of unhappy thought pictures of past events, this condition can be healed through prayer. There is a law of God that will heal amnesia, remove a mental block, and restore memory, or else enable one to bring under control thoughts that one feels would be better forgotten—whichever adjustment a case may seem to need.

The divine Mind is omniscient. This Mind holds safely within itself its own ideas. Not one true thought is ever lost or even temporarily forgotten. Omniactive, omnipresent, omnipotent Mind is always intelligent. Thoughts are continually unfolding in this Mind in orderly sequence. Mind is never absent, but is invariably present, alert, strong, and true. No haziness or dreaminess obscures the clarity of Mind's consciousness of its ideas. They are sharply defined, each with its own purpose and importance, held in the divine memory by indissoluble bands of love and vividly discerned.

A Healthy Mind
April 7, 1973

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