Go—Take the Little Book!

If a friend appeared to be in great need, and if you had something that you knew would positively help him—that would bring him comfort and healing—wouldn't you offer it to him quickly? Would you withhold it for fear that he might think you presumptuous, or that he might not accept it willingly? If you really cared, you'd put all such doubts aside. You'd decide to give it, and watch for the moment when you knew he'd receive it; and you'd present it to him with all your love. You'd give him the best you had!

There is such a gift to share with our neighbor. The facts of his very being, the truths of what is really going on in his experience, the way to pray for himself—these and much more are included in that gift. It's Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy, the textbook of Christian Science. This book explains the Word of God. Who would withhold that from a friend in need? Is there any reason for delay?

Church in the Neighborhood
March 4, 1972

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