When asked, "What is the greatest blessing that has ever...

When asked, "What is the greatest blessing that has ever come to you?" I answer, "Christian Science." It is indeed the Comforter which was promised by Jesus. My husband took up the study of Christian Science first. When I found out what he was reading I did all I could to turn him from studying; but as Truth is stronger than error, he was not turned away, but kept on reading and studying, I was just about broken-hearted. I felt there was a gulf between us that was getting wider and wider; for the one great thing in our life on which we had seen eye to eye was religion; and here was something which had come to make a separation, so it seemed. Indeed, I did not know which way to turn, for I was not satisfied with the religion I had been following; it did not give me the comfort I needed. I cried out to my Father, God, to show me the way.

There was to be a Christian Science lecture at the church my husband was attending. I did not know whether to go or not; but, as I had always done before in all my problems, I went to my Father and with a broken and contrite heart asked again for guidance. I asked that if Christian Science was His truth I should be led to go to that lecture; and if it was the truth I should know it, and if it was not the truth that something would be said which would clearly show me it was not His way; for I wanted so much to find the right way to worship God. I prayed all night and all the next day, and when it was time to go to the lecture I knew the decision for or against would be made that night.

Testimony of Healing
We have had abundant proof in our home during many...
June 27, 1931

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