I should like to tell of some of my many healings through...

I should like to tell of some of my many healings through Christian Science. I have been healed of constipation in its worst form—an instantaneous demonstration. This work was done by a practitioner, as I had just come into Christian Science and had only a blind faith in it. I was also healed of nervousness; my hands shook so badly I thought I should have to give up my work. Among other healings have been those of a dislocated jaw, ptomaine poisoning, colds, fear, blood poisoning in my thumbs, ulcerated teeth, and an injury of long standing in the sinew of one of my hands.

Before I came into Christian Science a dentist had told me my teeth were in such a condition that they could not last very long, but after I took up the study of Science I noticed a change for the better in my teeth. I could eat very hot or very cold food without any pain, something I had not been able to do before. Then one time I noticed that the gums on the lower front teeth had receded and that the bone which was exposed was decaying and sensitive. The thought came, How nice it would be if the enamel grew on these, so that I should not have to go to the dentist! As two of my upper teeth had gone the same way, and it had been a painful operation, I dreaded it. I could not see any reason why divine Love should not supply the needed covering and healing; and then I forgot all about it. It was a few months later when I chanced to look at the teeth, and saw that four of them had been covered with a thin coating of white enamel. The fifth one still had a large spot on it; but since I have seen and acknowledged what divine Love can and will do, that one has also commenced to heal, the decayed spot getting smaller and smaller.

Testimony of Healing
I wish to express my gratitude to God and to dear Mrs. Eddy...
June 27, 1931

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