Perfection, Completeness, Harmony

Success in any line of endeavor means that one has striven to do the thing at hand as perfectly and completely as possible; that he has tried to bring about harmony in his particular field of endeavor.

Perfection, completeness, harmony are words closely allied, although not identical. To be perfect, means to be without a flaw. Although, ordinarily, perfection and completeness are often used interchangeably, yet there is a shade of difference in their meaning; for a thing may be perfect as far as it goes. To be complete means that something is "finished, entire, has no part lacking." Also, a thing may be complete, yet lack harmony; as, for example, a room may be furnished completely, every piece of furniture be beautiful in itself; but the "agreement between parts giving unity, or a pleasing whole"—its harmony—may still be wanting.

Overcoming Goliaths
September 29, 1928

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