"The present immortality"

If an individual puts to himself the question: Am I mortal or immortal? he puts to himself the fundamental question to which Christian Science at all times and in all circumstances permits but a single answer, and that the right one. Man is immortal here and now. The God who is infinite is not just a superhuman God expressed without limit somewhere. The divine Mind's infinity compels the absolute corollary of the one infinite manifestation. One infinite Mind means one infinite creation, one infinite man, one infinitely right idea as the always present reality. Without limits of time or space, without an element of destructibility or decay, the very reverse of mortal is the one infinite God or Mind and His idea, man and the entire universe.

Mind and its idea being the one infinite reality, where is there anything or an occasion to say of mortality that it is? In all the realm of the real, which must be infinite, can one find aught to identify as finite and mortal? Mind as infinite cause produces infinite effect exactly like its cause. This one can and must scientifically affirm, and quite as much in seeing that the fact leaves no mortality anywhere but proves it to be forever illusion and nothingness. In knowing that mortality is not; that, like evil, it is never person, place, or thing; in relating identity to Mind, where all existence positively is, one is knowing the truth about mortality, which is always demonstrable and helpful because it is always the actual fact. Immortality is, mortality never is. This each one must realize for himself; as Mrs. Eddy says on page 195 of Science and Health, "The point for each one to decide is, whether it is mortal mind or immortal Mind that is causative. We should forsake the basis of matter for metaphysical Science and its divine Principle."

Right Motives
September 3, 1921

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