I have been a student of Christian Science for several...

I have been a student of Christian Science for several years, and having received much help and encouragement from reading the testimonies of others, I believe it my duty to express in some degree my gratitude for the understanding of Truth which I have gained through the study of Christian Science. One of the first proofs I had was that of the healing of my foot, after I had stepped on a board from which a rusty nail protruded. The nail went through the sole of my shoe and penetrated my foot for about half an inch. I declared the truth at once and supported myself against the house while I pulled the board off, my shoe coming off with it. My husband and I worked to overcome the fear of after effects, and I suffered very little discomfort. The next morning there was a slight swelling, but I was able to be on my feet as much as was necessary, and by the second day the foot was healed.

Neuritis, a form of rheumatism, which attacked me in the calves of my legs and made me very lame, was overcome through the work of a practitioner. Tonsillitis, which recurred annually, has been entirely healed through Christian Science. I have also been healed of recurrent headaches and of a catarrhal condition in the head, which was entirely overcome during the first year I studied Christian Science. I came into Christian Science through a healing which my husband had of rheumatism, which had been manifested for twelve years in greater or less degree. Every known remedy had been tried, and in some instances relief was had, but healing came only when a true understanding of God and man's relation to Him was gained. I was told by the practitioner that I might be of more help to my husband if I would take up the study too. I did so, earnestly, and have "continued" in the "word" and the truth has made me free.

Testimony of Healing
I have studied Christian Science for several years and...
September 3, 1921

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