It is with the deepest sense of gratitude to God for...

It is with the deepest sense of gratitude to God for all the blessings I have received through Christian Science that I offer my testimony, hoping it may be as helpful to some one else as the testimonies of others have been to me. I was delicate childhood, subject to frequent colds, sore throat, bronchitis, and chronic bowel trouble resulting from typhoid fever. I was almost continually under a physician's care, but found no permanent relief. As time went on and I saw no prospect of health before me, I settled into a kind of hopeless depression, feeling there was no joy in life and that I was a burden to myself and family. This state of mind was not from lack of faith in God, for I was brought up in a Christian household and loved the Bible and had been a member of a denominational church for thirty-five years, but I could not apply my religious belief in a way to dispel the cloud that rested over me.

Finally I was persuaded to take up the study of Christian Science. I was slow in grasping the spiritual interpretation of the Bible, the allness of God and the nothingness of matter, but by degrees the truth dawned upon my thought and I was made free,—free from the bondage of fear, oppressed breathing, colds, bronchitis, fear of thunder storms, chronic bowel trouble, and other minor ailments. Only those who have experienced this wonderful healing can realize the joy, peace, and gratitude that filled my heart when I found I could take an active place once more in the home and in the world, with a healthy body, peace of mind, and a joyous heart. My grateful desire is that I may be instrumental in bringing this truth to help and heal others as it has helped and healed me.

Testimony of Healing
My heart overflows with thankfulness to God and gratitude...
August 13, 1921

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