I wish to add my testimony to the many others which...

I wish to add my testimony to the many others which are given in the Christian Science Sentinel. I have had many beautiful healings. The first one was of ingrowing toenails from which I had suffered for many years. At the time an infection of one nail was causing much pain and annoyance; the whole foot was swollen and I was unable to wear a shoe. My husband wanted me to go to a doctor as he feared blood poisoning, but this I would not consent to, because the previous day I had gone to a chiropodist and the foot was so painful I could not let him touch it. The next day I decided to see a Christian Science practitioner. I did not know anything of Christian Science at the time but had been reading Science and Health, although I did not understand it. I knew, however, of several healings which had taken place, and I had attended services in the Christian Science church, and my little son attended the Sunday school. The practitioner asked me to remove the application from my foot, which I did before he called. When he came into the room my foot was resting on a pillow on a chair and I had not worn a shoe for three days. I did not know what the treatment was in Christian Science, but I did know that it healed, and this knowledge must have helped me, because when the treatment was over the blood was again circulating in the foot, all pain had vanished, and I put on my shoes and went out and walked several blocks without any discomfort except a slight swelling, which had entirely disappeared by the next treatment.

I am very grateful for this healing for it has led to many others. Glasses were laid aside although I had been told by two leading specialists that I would soon have to wear them on the street; ptomaine poisoning has yielded to the truth, as has also yellow jaundice, and I have been able to overcome instantly many small burns on my hands. My young son has had many healings, among which was that of a very sore throat together with chills and fever. I am also very grateful that I have to a great extent been able to overcome worry on account of being separated from my son. Before studying Christian Science I was subject to great anxiety while traveling with my husband when the boy was in school, but I have learned that the arms of Love are around, above, and beneath His child. I am grateful for the Lesson-Sermons, for the textbook, and for all the periodicals founded by our revered Leader, Mary Baker Eddy. My daily prayer is that I may grow in grace and express my gratitude in my daily life, and thus become a real Christian Scientist.

Testimony of Healing
We have had so many benefits through Christian Science...
August 13, 1921

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