I first heard of Christian Science many years ago, at...

I first heard of Christian Science many years ago, at which time I was living in Switzerland. During the two years previous I was very unhappy, and I was searching for a demonstrable understanding of God, but my search seemed to be in vain. In my search I tried all Protestant religions and at last I decided to return to America for one month, hoping that perhaps there, in the church of which I was then a member, I might find what I was seeking, ever mindful that in the Bible we read: "He that seeketh findeth." I arrived in America, and Truth led me right to Christian Science. Mrs. Eddy's explanations of God in "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" on pages 465 and 587, were just what I was looking for, and I became very happy. I was so satisfied to know that God is that I did not try any further to demonstrate the truth.

Eight years later, when in America again, I had Christian Science treatment for gallstones, from which I had suffered very severely for many years. Each time the pain returned, after the first treatment, the truth that evil has no power, for God, good, is all there is, would come to me so clearly that the pain would cease immediately, and each time it became less severe, and after two weeks I was entirely healed. From the first day I took up Christian Science for healing I have not taken any medicine, although before that was not a single day that I did not take two or more kinds. Christian Science has healed me of headaches, nervousness, and of insomnia, from which I had suffered ever since I can remember. One healing which I have experienced through Christian Science, and which to me seemed the greatest, although one things is not more difficult for God to heal than another, was the fear of traveling overnight. I formerly could not take a night train as far as Paris without feeling very tried the next day as the result of fear which had kept me awake the whole night. I now very often travel from New York to California, spending four nights on the train, and during those nights I always feel so happy and safe in God's protecting care that I sleep peacefully. I have had many other proofs of God's ever presence. My children have also had many beautiful healings through Christian Science. I am grateful for all of Mrs. Eddy's writings, which have proved such blessings to me. I also look forward to the mail bringing me the Christian Science periodicals, all of which are my daily reading.

August 13, 1921

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