It is many years since I became interested in Christian Science...

It is many years since I became interested in Christian Science and I realize that it is time that I attempted to acknowledge some of the benefits that have come to me as the result of some little understanding of the truth of being which was gained gradually as I studied the inspired writings of Mary Baker Eddy. Like many others, at the begnning of the release from suffering I was greatly uplifted, but with more faith than understanding. I thought that a practitioner had taken the place of a doctor and could keep me well, but I later found that I had something to do, that there had to be first the uprooting of some of the accumulation of erroneous thinking in order to build on a firm foundation and thus avoid being engulfed by the many manifestations of evil belief that seemed to attack me.

Before accepting Christian Science I had practically become an invalid and was well grounded in medical theories and fears, and seemed to have rather a long and hard struggle to overcome some physical difficulties, while I was quickly freed from others. I am especially grateful for the healing of a diseased condition of the ankle which for years had held me in bondage, an eminent specialist having declared it incurable. I had always to wear a support, and the least jar or a slight knock would bring on intense inflammation and prevent me from using my foot for many weeks afterwards. Colds, bronchitis, influenza, a badly poisoned finger, about which relatives expressed fear of the loss of the whole hand, have all vanished into their native nothingness through the truth as taught and practiced in Christian Science.

Testimony of Healing
It is with the deepest sense of gratitude to God for...
August 13, 1921

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