The Law and the Gospel

Waiting upon the housetop at Joppa, Peter beheld a vision from which he learned a profound lesson—a lesson not to call common or unclean that upon which God had placed His blessing. Thenceforth Peter understood that the divine purpose included the Gentile as well as the Jew. In like manner we may learn that the purpose of divine Mind may become operative through the law as well as through the gospel.

The law of Peter's time was the Mosaic law. Given expression for the guidance of a primitive people, it had acquired through succeeding generations an accumulation of interpretations that rendered it ofttimes unjust and burdensome. The advent of the gospel began to correct these inconsistencies in the law. Jesus was continually charged with ignoring the law, but he showed that the gospel was not in conflict with the correct sense of the law, but was in conflict only with an illogical interpretation of it. Again and again when confronted with the letter of the law as being in opposition to the gospel he was teaching, he interpreted the law with a deeper meaning than the literal.

The Universe Spiritual
February 5, 1921

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