It is evident that, used in the sense of established rule, law means a power, an indispensable and indestructible force which operates throughout the entire universe and is reflected by all God's creation, from the smallest to the greatest. All things are subject to law. There is a law governing harmony in music. To give to a piece of music the correct interpretation, it is necessary to know the fundamental rules governing harmony, also the meaning of words and signs found throughout the selection. Then and only then can be brought out in concert the sense of perfection intended by the composer.

No mathematical problem can be solved without a knowledge and application of the underlying rules of mathematics. Are these rules material things? Do we gain any knowledge of them through the five senses? Are they for only a favored few or are they for any one who will take the time to comprehend and use them? There can be but one answer to that question. Then we must believe that there is a spiritual law underlying reality or our own spiritual being. Yes, there is such a law; and just in proportion as we understand and use this law shall we bring out the harmony of being. Our lives will begin to manifest the perfect concept of the creator, who fashioned man by the word of His power.

The Bible's Recipe
February 5, 1921

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