Every testimony of true healing is helpful to some one;...

Every testimony of true healing is helpful to some one; therefore I should like to give mine. No one could have been more prejudiced (I say it with regret) against Christian Science than I, and though loving friends who were studying tried at different times to help me, I wandered in the dark for many years, bound by an old, deep-rooted material sense of life. I considered Christian Science one of the "isms" against which we were warned in the denominational churches, and I was prejudiced against Mary Baker Eddy, its Discoverer and Founder. From time to time I learned from friends of healings that I knew must be true; still I took no steps in the right direction. I know now how greatly I needed Christian Science, for I was ill in mind and body.

My experience proves that divine Love leads us even when we are heedless and seemingly unworthy. I started with a dear relative to attend a Christian Science church in a California city, which seemed to me to be the very place for us. We attended all the Wednesday evening testimony meetings and heard some of the most wonderful testimonies. It was our first opportunity to attend church regularly. We both began the study of Christian Science and were able to demonstrate a little. Then we could not let go even if we had wished to do so. I began to see that Mrs. Eddy was an unselfish and very spiritual woman or she could not have done what she has for the world. She deserves the gratitude of all mankind and is receiving it from those who have eyes to see. I am grateful for a knowledge of the truth, and to Mary Baker Eddy for her love for humanity. I am grateful for the great privilege of attending the church services and for the fact that so many of those dear to me have come into a knowledge of Christian Science.

Testimony of Healing
I have felt for some time that I should acknowledge...
February 5, 1921

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