I feel it my duty to bear testimony to the redemptive...

I feel it my duty to bear testimony to the redemptive power of Truth understood, as revealed in Christian Science. Three years ago, after an enforced year's idleness as the result of typhoid fever, I found myself still in very poor health. I was also much depressed mentally for, at the age of eighteen, I was too far behind in my college course to think of continuing. The doctor whom I consulted at that time warned me not to work more than three hours a day, so I turned to music, a branch of art which had always been a solace to me, and began to study that. However, I soon became ill again and had to leave the town where I was then staying and go to a mountain winter resort.

Whilst in that town I sought earnestly for a church that would satisfy my hungry craving for a religion which would teach me the why and wherefore of life. Each Sunday I would visit a different church, and I had attended the services of a number of denominations without any having appealed to me, when one Sunday, thanks to the casual remark of a friend, coinciding with oft repeated advice from my dear mother, I wended my way to the Christian Science church. A strange sensation of calm came over me during that hour, and I afterwards realized that for a large part of that Sunday I was freed from the obsession of war and its attendant horrors, which had been continually haunting me.

February 5, 1921

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