In gratitude to God, to Mrs. Eddy, and to those who...

In gratitude to God, to Mrs. Eddy, and to those who have so patiently and kindly helped me I give my testimony. Christian Science was brought to my attention by a young student friend, but I did not look into it until a few months later when I turned to it as a last resort. I had never been well or strong and an operation had left me in a worse state than ever. I took up the study of Christian Science and visited a practitioner. There has seemed to be a great deal of uphill work and sometimes discouragement, but I realize now that this was a period of reconstruction and that my thinking was being transformed.

Confidence has in a large measure replaced timidity and fear; patience is replacing impatience and irritability, and love is becoming more apparent than criticism. A general all-round awakening to the allness of God has taken place. Health and strength have improved as I have grown in understanding of the truth, and have put it into practice. I have also been completely healed of indigestion and constipation. I had experienced these difficulties all my life and was gradually growing worse, until I was afraid to eat anything except certain kinds of food, and had taken a great deal of medicine without any real benefit. Now I can eat anything and whereas at the time I began the study of Christian Science I could do very little of any kind of work, I now do all our housework easily and comfortably. I could not begin to tell all that Christian Science has done for me, but I know the same blessings are for all. God has not excluded any one.

Testimony of Healing
Having had so many blessings through Christian Science...
February 5, 1921

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